For time complete:

  • Back Squat (from rack) 75% 1RM
  • Ring Dips
  • Pull-ups

500m Run cash-out

Post time and scale in comments.


Rowing Clinic Series in September [more details]

Body Analytics on September 24 [more details]

Speedy J Final Event OHS CFG affiliate cup 2013

From our coach and competitive athlete, Janet Black, who is relocating to Lake Jackson, TX:

“I started crossfit to find something for me…something to connect to other than work and home.  I found so much more than a connection at Atomic.  I have found some of the best friends, athletes and coaches that drive me to be better and a family I never knew I had.  I am extremely grateful for the amazing experiences I have had.  This is my last week at Atomic due to some life changes and moving to the Lake Jackson area.  Atomic will forever be my first crossfit family in which I will hold close to my heart regardless of where I am.  I want to thank each one of you for making my life better.  For supporting me, pushing me and embracing me into an amazing community I call family.  Please come visit me at CrossFit WMD where I will be creating a new community to call home…You will all be greatly missed!!!”

~ Janet aka Speedy J

We wish you nothing but success at CrossFit WMD with your other half, Will B, when you start your new home.  We also wish you the best on the next chapter in your life, a journey to successful steps leading up to another appearance at the CF Games.  Masters, watch out….her comes Janet!!!

630 Crew Sep 6
630am Crew last Friday (photo c/o Coach Adam)
830am crew Sep 6
8:30am Crew last Friday (photo c/o Midge aka Toe)
Fam dropped in to join them last Friday! Happy Birthday Fam!
530am Crew Sep 6
5:30am Crew last Friday (photo c/o Coach Adam)

33 Responses to “Hipster”

  1. Iron E

    19:57@155#(67.39% 1 RM), green bard and bapu

    Thanks Coach Adam!

  2. Southpaw

    26:09 (86.5#, blue bands) I love the new rig!!

    Great pictures today! I will miss Janet, but best wishes for a wonderful & prosperous future.

    Good work today, 0530s! Awesome class, Coach Adam, thanks!

  3. carahinojosa

    19:35 (95#, bard)
    Definitely should’ve done more weight. Grrr.

  4. sonal

    19:50 (150#) bard
    Great job 830. Good see Doc and jackrabbit back .

    Good luck Janet!!!! Hbd fam

  5. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    17:07 (185) Good job 8:30, interesting using the new equipment.

    Wasn’t sure about my 1 rep max, probably had weight too light. Still good wod though and I felt it in my legs going down the stairs at work.

    Janet, will totally miss, sad you’re leaving. One of my heros, such a positive force and great athlete. All the best and many blessings to you, Will and the rest of your family.

  6. Katie Ramos Swan

    22:39 (115)

    Almost forgot about the run at the end if it wasn’t for Sonal! Thanks!

    Janet, your sweet face will be missed like crazy! Wishing you many blessings and hope to see you around!! Best of luck to you and the family!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Fam!

    So wonderful to see all the faces at 830 and 930!!

    Thanks Steph for form work as always.

  7. Gina

    24:55 (145#, red bands)
    Ring dips really slowed me down – couldn’t get full extension, but this might be the 1st time to use the red band. Feeling stronger on pull ups too.

  8. T-REX

    18:24(145, purple Bard). I think we all forgot abt the 500m buyout, so lost a few secs there (which I needed anyway). Thx Arnold! Best wishes Speedy J and Will B! Stay humble and encouraging, you have def left an impression at ACF!

  9. Kyle D

    19:08 (155#)
    Great WOD, but realized after the first round that I probably should’ve gone heavier. I don’t know my 1 rep max. Oh well, I wore myself out and that’s what I’m there to do! New equipment is efficient! Finished the WOD pre-buyout at 16:25, and then, like a turtle, a slowly made the turns in the run.
    HBD Fam. Best of luck to you, Speedy J.

  10. andi

    18:34 (purple bard, 115)

    Squats on the blocks had me running back & forth like a chicken w/my head cut off! Ran 100m before I realized I had to go back & get that last stinkin’ pull up!

    Can’t believe your leaving Janet, you have definitely set the bar! Don’t be a stranger.

  11. Famela Due Urcia

    Fun wodding with the 830 peeps and yesterday og was equally fun. Hope to make it a habit. Good luck Speedy J! Thanks for the greetings!

  12. Silverback

    Went light because I’m rehabbing my back. Went too fast. Could’ve gone heavier, but then I probably would’ve increased the chance that I experience a setback. As I’m writing this post my back feels great, so thanks Arnold for staying on me to be smart today.

  13. Speedy J

    Thank you all for the warm wishes!!
    Fun to play with 5pm…thanks Sid for the unbroken “what would Jim say” motivation and Pat for the chase.
    16:46 Rx (200#)

  14. Trip

    24:00 RX 145#
    First time doing ring dips with no band! Yay! Thanks Grace for correcting my form!
    Way to go Arnold for pushing through!!
    Love my ACF family!

    • G

      You bet Tammi! Just drop the hips a little bit as you dip and you are good to go on the RDs! Good work!

  15. David E

    33:50 (155#, blue BARD, blue BAPU)

    Thanks Sid for pushing me to finish. Thanks to all the others in the 6:00 for pushing me too (I’m terrible with names, but I’ll learn them all eventually 🙂

    Thanks Grace for the post-WOD coaching, even though I could barely do another squat

    • G

      You’re welcome David E! Just looking out for your knees 🙂 Keep up the hard work!

  16. OG

    20:03 #155

    My calves really started cramping once I rounded the building. I also think I did an extra round of 3..I spaced out on the squats after round 4 :/ Nice work 5pm 🙂 See ya around Janet!

  17. Paige H.

    19:52 (95#, red BARD) Great 4p Grace! And thanks for the push Trapz!