Blast Faster

For time complete:

2000m row
50 Ring Push-ups
50 Wallball (20)(14)

Post time and scale in comments.


Rowing Clinic Series in September [more details]

Body Analytics on September 24 [more details]

Coleen P set up for Squat clean
Happy Birthday Coleen P! Coleen is a regular with our night classes but sometimes makes it to the noon classes on certain occasions.

20 Responses to “Blast Faster”

  1. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    Happy Birthday Coleen!

    Who’s that handsome guy on the rower in the background? πŸ™‚

  2. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Coleen!! Beth, that guy must be a big deal with two other people watching his skillzz.

  3. SM

    21:07 RX
    8:30 Row

    Next time Sex Panther! I don’t do many 2K rows for leisure so wanted to note the time for comparison. Always a pleasure to see my meow, G!! I still hate wallballs. Thanks to Phillip for keeping me going on those.

  4. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Coleen!

    21:29 (9:45; 15 ring PU, 35 floor; 10 #wb) I’m getting better at rowing & wallballs! πŸ™‚

    I need to do more mobility stuff. I could have spend the whole wod just doing band mobility today because it was so beautifully painful. I couldn’t tell if I was going to laugh or cry (though I’m leaning towards crying).

    Great job 0530s! Wonderful class Coach Grace, thanks! I loved the music today!!

  5. Adam Segal

    21:17 (Rx). Thanks for help on push ups G. S&M thanks for push on push ups as well. Philip, Thanks for good words on last 6 wall balls!

  6. Luchador Wrestler


    Another rest day ruined by a WOD nobody should miss.

  7. Trip

    15:05 RX (8:27 row)
    Great joining the morning crew again! Intimidating rowing next to the Professor!
    Thanks for the post WOD MU work Arnold!

  8. Katie Ramos Swan

    19:07 RX

    Ring push-ups are always fun. Thanks for the tips Steph!

    If it wasn’t for Ria I wouldn’t have finished those wallballs! Thanks girl!

    Thanks for hello scare on the rower Khara! MUAH!

  9. Justin Pollard

    13:17 rx great job 9:30, thanks for the extremely painful post wod streches coach steph

  10. MikeB

    HBD Coleen P!

    18:15 Rx (7:50 row)
    Better day today than yesterday.
    Tried to keep up with the Professor on the row but he was flying, great job!

    9:30 crew was great today glad to meet Justin and Flo.

    Jackrabbit, sorry for your scare today. I’ll make sure the doors are locked next time we pull up so she can’t get out. πŸ™‚

  11. T-REX

    17:13(rx). I just need to go a little lower with WB and the ring push-ups. I’m sure ill get the rhythm one day. Great stretches G! Thx! HBD Coleen!