Riot Police


For time Complete

75 Wallball (20)(14)
75 DUs
75 Ring Dips

Post loads on OHS and time/scale on MetCon in comments.

Helen Tire Flips
Happy Birthday Helen E!

18 Responses to “Riot Police”

  1. dirtyD

    Happy Birthday Helen. May you be blessed with many tire-flipping days.

  2. Lesley Griffith

    Happy Birthday Helen!
    OHS 95-100-105-115-125
    16:23 (BARD)

  3. Iceman

    Open Gym

    Dead Lift:
    1 X 5 @ 135, 175, 205, 235
    5 X 10 @ 135

    Back Squat:
    5 X 10 @ 95

    30 GHD Situps

  4. The Professor


    21:38 (35 DU+attempts/40 purple BARD/35 blue BARD)

    Thanks Grace!

    Happy B-Day!!!

  5. just jerry

    135-145-155-165-165 (f)/ 12:15 (rx)
    Good job 8:30.

    Happy birthday helen.

  6. MikeB

    Happy birthday Helen!

    I wanted to do 1 more set because the 135 was too light but ran out of time

    15:37 (bard)
    Ring dips get me every time! I was hoping for sub 12 after finishing the wall balls and DUs but nope… Next time

    Great job 930 crew!

  7. carahinojosa

    16:31 (10#, 30 du+singles, bard)

    Stayed after and did 45 more du’s. They were ugly and slow, but I did ’em. Thank you, Stephanie and Billy.

  8. Chief


    13:58? Scaled to 25 WB (#6); 225 singles; 40 BARD

    Happy Birthday Helen.

    Hey G, where have you been? Don’t worry, if you come to the WOD I’ll take it easy on you, hah

  9. T-REX

    Rehabbing shoulder, so did open gym.
    WU – 2(500m row+10ghd), 400m run
    Then 75 BS (65), 75 DUs, 75 sit-ups = 10:47. Post wod 1 mile.

    HBD Helen, didn’t know otherwise I would’ve said something when I saw you! Enjoy!

  10. Iron E

    65-85# – thanks for the tips on how to actively straighten the left wrist, Daniel!
    16:37@paralletes, green bard

  11. Nisha

    14:57 (blue band)

    Took me 5:15 just for wallballs πŸ™ Thank goodness the DU gods were with me today…nice race at 5p with G and Gilbert πŸ™‚

    Post WOD 1 mile trot/jog

  12. David E

    Thanks for sharing the bar and videoing for me Steven!

    16:35 (20#, 10 DU/65 parallette hops, green BARD). 2 DUs at a time were not going to get me to 75 in a timely manner πŸ™‚

    Thanks Dan for working with me on wall squats; thanks Grace for more mobility exercises!