Resist The Noose

For time complete:

750m Row
1 Rope Climb
50 Sandbag Step-ups – 20″ box (70)(50) – Medballs or slam balls for scaled weights
1 Rope Climb
40 Sandbag Hop-over Burpees
1 Rope Climb
30 Sandbag Back Squats
1 Rope Climb
20 Sandbag Cleans
1 Rope Climbs
10 Sandbag Get-ups
1 Rope Climb

Best of luck to ACF’s athletes participating in the H-Town Throwdown tomorrow at the BBVA Compass Center!  Teams:  Teach & Speedy (CFWMD) and Junior & Brooke

ACF shirt and gear spotting Maximus and Lizmus in Hawaii
ACF gearspotting with Maximus and Lizmus during their vacation in Hawaii these past 2 weeks!

16 Responses to “Resist The Noose”

  1. dirtyD

    Impressive work done at 0630 this morning!
    my WOD was severely scaled b/c burpees are too much shoulder pounding

  2. Southpaw

    28:40 (18 in, 20 WB). It’s kind of fun to write that I used a 20# WB for something!

    Wow! Welcome back to me! This was awesome (sort of) & I’m so glad I finished it.

    Great work 0530s! Wonderful class Coach Adam, thanks!

  3. SM

    25# SB

    Decided to scale this one, active rest. Was happy I wasn’t lugging around the 50# sand bad. Good job Chrissy for not giving up even when that pesky sandbag kept you down!

  4. Maria Poutous Botti


    #25 sandbag

    Thanks for pushing me through Coach Stephanie. 🙂

    Good luck to the team this weekend!!

  5. Patrick Deiss

    18:00 rx
    Does the noon class always order pizza on Friday?

  6. Katie Ramos Swan

    20:34 RX

    Like the handles on the sandbags! Good to see you sweet Robin! Thanks for the push at the end Sonal and Pat!

    I was hoping the pizza guy was going show up at 1pm…maybe next Friday. 😉

  7. Kyle D

    What a WOD. Too bad I’m out of state and couldn’t give it a go! And what’s all this talk about pizza Fridays for the nooners?!?!

  8. Chrissy C

    35:15 – (Burpee pull-ups as my leg is still ripped from last weeks rope climbs/50# step ups 1st 10 then 30# last 40).

    Love rope climbs-sorry I couldn’t do them today. Not too fond of the 50# sandbag! Nope. Not at all. it spent way too much time laying in top of me! :). Thanks Leslie for being there at the end! Thanks SM!

  9. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond

    21:33 rx

    Great to see Coach Will, Silverback and others from 4 and 5pm