About ACF

Atomic CrossFit is a training facility and a licensced affiliate of CrossFit.Com established in June 2008 to provide a sanctuary for hard working people that facilitates a personal journey of accomplishments and improved health through safe intense exercise, supportive environment and fun competition.

Our facility is 9,500 sq ft including two pull-up rigs, four workout areas (1 area with platforms and 1 area outside fenced area). We have two shower rooms, two separate restrooms and plenty of parking space.

Atomic CrossFit stays close to the General Physical Preparedness (GPP) methodology and tenets of CROSSFIT. Our goal is for our athletes to get as proficient as possible with the 10 general principles of fitness that CROSSFIT embraces: Agility, Accuracy, Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination and Balance.

Our focus is technique, consistency, intensity and our programming adheres to these facets of training. All three exist symbiotically. Without consistent technique there can be no increase in intensity (load/weight/lower time). Without the appropriate intensity in technique focus, consistency will wane. And through it all the consistent application of technique and intensity will raise your level of fitness. Atomic CrossFit strives to improve these 3 facets of training.

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