ACF Hammer & Chisel 2013

Hammer & Chisel 2013

What: Hammer and Chisel 2013 – Open Fitness Competition hosted by Atomic CrossFit

When: Saturday, November 9th 8:00am – 4:30pm

Where: Atomic CrossFit

How Much:  $60 per person

Registration begins Sunday, 1 September at noon (EVENT REGISTRATION LINK)


  • Standard Individual Male
  • Standard Individual Female
  • Intermediate Mixed Gender Partner (1male 1 female)
  • Masters Same Gender Partner (40+) – must be 40+ on November 9, 2013.

Prizes: Cash for standard divisions, and other great stuff for teams and masters.

5 Scored events throughout the day.

Food Trucks and vendors onsite.


Atomic CrossFit Hammer & Chisel (Event date: Saturday, November 9th) more info below.
Sign-up Guidance (Registration on Sunday, September 1st)

Standard Division (Individual Men) and Standard Division (Individual Women):
This is a TOUGH Rx. – It is NOT PRO. PRO indicates Regional\Games level weights or movement variations.

Intermediate Partners (mixed gender)
NOT a full SCALED division. Expect to be challenged by the weight, but the workouts will be accessible and team-based to share some of the work.

Masters Partners (same sex) 40+
Weights will be the same as Intermediate. This should be considered “Masters Standard” not a scaled division. If you are not a confident Rx athlete (movements) with minor adjustments in weights at Rx, then this may be heavy for you. However, it is team based and you will have an opportunity to share some of the work.

All Divisions:
If you are worried about some movements, here are a few hints.

No Muscle-ups or ring work.
Yes, some form of HSPU (Intermediate and Masters standards will be different than Rx)
Yes, some form of Snatch or OHS
No Double-unders