November 29th,


2019 6:45 PM

“VS” 3

Schedule of events

4:30 PM Doors Open (join our 4:30 WOD)

6:30 PM Judges Meeting

6:45 PM Athlete Meeting

7:00 PM “VS” Introduction

7:05 First Workout

8:30 Podium

Spectators bring drinks and chairs (beer is allowed - and encouraged).


15 Males

15 Females

Competitive Individual Competition

Straight up % of total Entry Fees paid to Podiums.


$45 Entry Fee + registration / service fees.

2 Events in 2 hours.

Cash payout for Podiums


1st place = 30%*

2nd place = 20%*

3rd place = 10%*

and 5% for each event winner*

*Percentage payout is based on total Entry Fees collected per M/F division. It does not include additional service or registration fees incurred during registration.

No Refunds

Registration ends the Wednesday prior to the event.

Location Click Here

contact us directly with the below form if you have any questions. Register with the link above.

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