The Skull


It all started when...

A lonely CrossFitter named Axel stumbled out of his garage.  Exhausted from a 20 min AMRAP and partially blinded from the chalk gucked in his right eye from wiping sweat, he tripped over a discarded kettle bell, fell, and hit his head.  He managed to pull himself to the side of his garage and between two trees to find a patch of grass exposed from the surrounding snow that had fallen the night before.  He vomited from the hit on the head and then passed out.  Never to awake.  The cold night took him that day.

He was not only a lonely CrossFitter but a lonely person.  As his body lay frozen next to his garage gym he was not missed. After the winter passed the new season thawed his body and then time did the rest.  Only a skeleton remained.

But the CrossFit ran deep in his soul and all three (CrossFit, his soul, and his skeleton) collectively pulled together and stood.  He shook out the creakiness in his joints.  Did some quick mobility and started his journey south to find the CrossFit box where the AMRAP never ends.

Here he resides in Stafford, Texas.  Within our walls.  Within our community.