The Comeback Kid

Warm up: 500m row time trial

8x3 “Power Clean + Jerk” (Unbroken Reps)

*start at a medium weight and build to your heaviest you can handle. For example, if you plan on ending with 185lbs , I do not want to see you start at 95lbs and work up to 185.

BAD approach: 95-115-115-135-135-155-155-185 GOOD approach: 135-135-155-155-175-185-185-185

For time: (7 min cap) 21-15-9 DB snatch (50/35) Burpees over DB

“Silent, stoic, staunch, resilient, and unwavering strength” Athlete: Lesley Griffith 📷: Coach “Manimal” Daniel