Mr. Roboto

EMOM 12: Min 1- 2 rope climbs Min 2- 20 sec L sit hold Min 3- 20 sec HS hold nose to wall 4 rounds for time: 12 DB snatch (50/35) 12 T2B 12 burpee box jump overs (24/20) Don’t be afraid to scale down or slow down to get that full range of motion. […]


Spend 15 minutes working on snatch technique (stay light) 3 rounds for time: 400m run 15 OHS (115/85) Video:  Aleksey Torokhtiy

Pass Interference

E2M 16: Back squat x 2 (heavy) Amrap 6: 3 squat cleans (135/95) 6 pull-ups 12 KB swings (70/53) Check out this article below pulled from The Best Kept Secret: Why People Have To Squat Differently Credit to “Athlete’s won’t squat the same, and they SHOULDN’T! I hope I shed some light on the WHY. […]

A Big Shout Out to our Individual Regional Competitor!

Congratulations to our very own Beth Spearman who finished strong at the CrossFit Games South Regionals this past weekend.  This year was her best finished ever at the regionals wrapping it up at Top 10!  She demonstrated pure heart, hard fight, sportsmanship and a whole lot of class! She is Atomic CrossFit’s sweetheart, coach, part-owner, […]

Mass Extinction

3 sets of: Back squat x 6 @ 30X1 Rest 90 sec Single Arm dumbbell bent over row x 10/arm Rest 90 sec Then 4 sets of 3 min AMRAP of: Benchmark wod “Mary” 5 HSPU 10 alt pistols 15 pullups Rest 90 sec between sets. When beginning a new set start where you previously […]

Body Weight Ninjas

2 sets, in a 60 seconds on, 60 seconds off format: Muscleups Weighted Pistols Chin ups L-sit hold Then: EMOTM 9: Minute 1- max T2B in 30 seconds Minute 2- max cals on erg or assault bike in 30 seconds Minute 3- max ring dips in 30 seconds

Immature Struggle

Technique Work (See Notes under More Details) Snatch 1-1-1-1-1 Beginners/Intermediate or lesser exposure – perform from the hang and work on the movement/mechanics and bar speed first! MetCon 3 RFT 250m Row 30 Ball Slams (20/15)

Heavy Hitter

For Time: 12-9-3 – (10 min Cap) Deadlifts (315/225) Strict HSPU