Family Culture in the CrossFit Community - What is the identity of your box?

Family Culture in the CrossFit Community - What is the identity of your box?

The affiliate approach to CrossFit is a wonderful thing.  As a box owner I am part of the Crossfit affiliate program and have had plenty of opportunities to engage with other box owners about their thoughts on the affiliate structure.  While many immediately offload their frustrations and negativity towards such a system (a structure that they chose to be part of), I believe they are missing the mark.  First to offer some insight into those who enjoy to talk in negativity. I understand for some that this is the easiest way to communicate.  I parallel this to sports talk radio.  When the local team is winning nobody calls the show and the hosts struggle to occupy air time.  When the local team lost a game or is having a sub .500 season, the phone lines light up with people wanting to talk about how bad the team is.  So I get it. Sometimes it is easier to complain when things aren’t going your way.

What I also get is the freedom of building a box and a community the way that Atomic feels best.  CrossFit does not dictate how I build or run our box.  CrossFit does not tell us how to program.  CrossFit does not tell us when our doors need to be open.  CrossFit allows those who correctly invest their time to succeed and those who struggle with location, costs, programing, and ultimately not establishing a sense of identity to fail. 

So. What is the identity of your box?  

What I am most proud of at Atomic CrossFit is our family culture.  As a conscious coach, a father, and a husband, I truly recognize the value of providing an environment where a mother and daughter, a mother and son, a husband, a wife, and partners in life, can become fit and stay fit together.  The strength and everyday confidence that CrossFit brings is larger than the front door (maybe that’s why we have garage doors, and multiple garage doors).

The culture at Atomic CrossFit is woven within every square foot.  Strong family culture for strong families.

So too circle back to the affiliate tie in - CrossFit does not tell Atomic who our members should be.  CrossFit does not tell Atomic where and to who we should market.  CrossFit allows Atomic to be Atomic, and set a culture that will in our definition be successful.  

Enjoy your fitness.  Enjoy your surroundings.  Enjoy your family.  Enjoy your CrossFit.