CrossFit Open Gym

As an athlete in a community based program such as CrossFit, it is extremely beneficial to engage yourself in the Open Gym environment.  During Open Gym sessions the athlete is encouraged to experiment with other programing, focus on movements that they may struggle with (including mobility) and socialize in the familiar and comfortable environment.  

This morning I was able to observe 5 groups of athletes working within 5 different platforms as they all spilled over each other drawing from each others vibes and forcing it into their own work.

Our Strongman sessions premiered this morning with folks moving heavy things from one place to the another.  A group of lifters occupied the lifting platforms doing Push Presses and Dead Lifts.  A group participated in a Hero WOD led by one of our coaches.  And our resident Open Gym athlete (an inspiration to all that know her) mirrored by a mighty duo doing so many movements that well, too many list here, all morphed into a collective mass of fitness.  All seemingly moving in the same direction.  A direction to be better.  A direction to be fitter.  A direction of health.