Do you enjoy power lifting, strength building, strongman, body building, olympic lifting and need an atmosphere that inspires and brings you back for more. Come enjoy what you love. Lift heavy. Look forward to your work outs. Commit to your exclusive spot in one of our 3 daily sessions. Only 6 spots available for each session.

Barbells, plates, dumbbells, sleds, KBs, power bands, yokes, power rig, tires, battle ropes…

No CrossFit, no coaches, just you and your sick minds.


Morning Session

Monday and Tuesday 6AM - 11AM

Wednesday 6AM - 9:30 AM

Thursday and Friday 6AM - 11AM

Limited spaces available.


Mid Day Session

Monday and Tuesday 12PM - 3:30 PM

Wednesday Closed

Thursday and Friday 12PM - 3:30 PM

Limited spaces available.


Evening Session

Monday thru Thursday 4PM - 7:30PM

Friday 4PM - 6:30PM

Limited spaced available.