At the top of every minute do 5 power snatch. Remainder of the minute complete amrap of burpees. Continue until you have reached 100 burpees. Then, at the top of ever minute perform 5 OHS, and remainder of the minute do amrap double unders until you reach 400 reps. Rx= 100/75lbs, 100, 400 Intermediate= 75/55lbs, […]

3 Girls One Bar

3 Girls One Bar WOD c/o CrossFit.Com June 2009 Painstorm (courtesy of Davie at CrossFit Central Scotland): Time cap (35 Minutes) 21-15-9 Reps of: Thrusters Pull-Ups Power Cleans Ring Dips Dead Lifts HSPUs * Use the same load for all weighted movements (1 bar per person). Folks who are only a little nuts should use […]

Three Girls, One Bar

The June Painstorm (c/o CrossFit.Com) For Time: 21-15 – 9 Reps of Thrusters Pull-Ups Squat Cleans Ring Dips Dead Lifts HSPUs


5 continuous 5 min rounds.  At the top of every 5 min run 400m and perform the following: 7 DL (225/135) 14 Box Jumps (24″/20″) 21 Wall Ball (20/14) If completed under 5 min rest the remaining time.